GPS error caused `12 hours of problems` for companies

Several companies were hit by hours of system warnings after GPS satellites broadcast the wrong time, according to time-monitoring company Chronos. The company observed problems...

Google is partnering with Ford to build self-driving cars

Google and Ford are forming a partnership to build self-driving cars, according to a report by Yahoo Autos, a move that pairs one of...
Mobile App

The Best Apps to Help You Be Productive at College

Between all the assignments, exams and essay writing you have to do, college can be a handful. It’s not that any of these tasks...
Bitcoin Price

Fun Fact: Bitcoin Price is Up 838,000,000% in Ten Years’ Time

Bitcoin was first introduced in 2009, and ever since, it has had an extraordinary performance in the market. This remarkable performance is evident given...
Military Gadgets

US Military Gadgets and Tactical Gear Any Civilian Can Buy

Everyone is always on the lookout for deals on the gear they depend on every day of their lives. If you can save a...

A Look Into DevOps Roles and Responsibilities

By definition, a DevOps team is a multifaceted one. The so-called DevOps approach to IT is intended to bring a team together and ensure...
Logo Making

Modern Computer Apps Revolutionize Logo Maker Crafts

When we see a familiar logo, we think it's a modern phenomenon. But mankind has been using emblems, signatures for centuries. The symbolic design...
Air Purifier

Top 5 Health Benefits of Air Purifiers

As it turns out, science shows that some clean, fresh air does you good. Breathing fresh air is not only important but also essential...
Portable Wireless Router

Best Portable Wireless Routers for Travelling

With today's fast-paced society, almost all of us are busy and on the move. For those who are always on the move and traveling,...

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Is Your Business Ready for a Disaster?

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