Having a scar that everybody can see, can create psychological problems for you. Normally the hands and the face are the two parts of the body that remain uncovered for most of the time.

You can cover the scar on your hand with a pair of gloves. But wearing a mask to cover the scar on your skin cannot be acceptable to most people where everybody likes to see the person they are speaking to.

Scars on the face can disfigure it, and your beauty can be compromised. Living with them may be impossible and removing them may be the only solution.

Getting rid of scars      

Cosmetic surgery and laser therapy are two examples of extreme procedures that can be undertaken to remove the scars. The only problem with these techniques is that they are very costly affairs.

Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the procedure will not leave behind any side effects. The side effects may be the formation of more scars or the effects of radiation that occur during laser therapy.

Using creams, gels and lotions are the safest ways to treat all kinds of scars instead of depending on uncertain results produce by using home remedies.

The cream or gel has to be chosen with care to guarantee the best results. Creams that have the highest content of silicone should be chosen for the job. Ideally, it should have hundred percent silicone.


Getting good results

Applying the cream whenever possible is the best way to get fast results. If the cream contains a large amount of vitamins and nutrients, then the effect will be better.

The silicone will reduce the concentration of collagen forming the scars while the vitamins and nutrients will trigger the growth of new cells. The new cells will replace the old ones bringing the skin back to normal.

Action on scars

Keloids are scars that have tendency to spread all over. The hard and raised keloid scars are due to the accumulation of extra collagen. The extra collagen forms tissues that are arranged differently.

The tissues in the normal skin have a weaving pattern similar to a basket. The tissues that are formed during the healing process are arranged more or less parallel to each other.

The tissues arranged in the form of bundles causes that skin to rise from its normal level and for a shining hard top. This extra collagen has to be removed for the skin to get back its original texture and color.

The silicone in the cream does the job of softening the tissues, moving the extra collagen to other parts of the skin and reduces the height of the scars. The vitamins and nutrients in the cream do the rest.

The creams have the same effect on hypertrophic scars. In the case of atrophic scars the depressions in the skin are filled up with more collagen and new cells thus leveling out the depression.

The creams help to soften stretch marks produced during spurts in growth and pregnancies and help the skin get back its original density, texture and color.

Movements can get restricted by the contracture scars that develop when the skin recovers from burning accidents. The scars involve not only the skin but also the muscles lying underneath the skin.

Creams can soften the hard tissues of these scars and increase their elasticity and flexibility making it easier for the person to move his body more normally.

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